March 27, World Cheese Day

World Cheese Day is celebrated every March 27. Why on this date? The event started in 2001 as a national commemoration in France to value one of its most outstanding products. The Association Fromage de Terroirs was responsible for its registration in the calendars of half the world.

At Quesos del Casar, as heir and custodian of one of the most peculiar and representative cheese traditions in Spain, we could not fail to celebrate it, since cheese is a food that has been present in gastronomy around the world since time immemorial, with a great impact on the rural world, traditional culture and the economy.

271 / 5.000 Resultados de traducción Resultado de traducción That is why we want to commemorate this day, for all those who like this delicacy, by sharing a couple of interesting articles that we have found so that you can discover a selection of “the best gourmet cheese shops (and restaurants) for the most addicted”, according to VANITATIS, and “Ten curiosities about cheese that every ‘cheese lover’ should know”, according to Ultima Hora:

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