Torta del Casar


Fresh Cheese

Goat and Cow Cheese

Goat Cheese

With paprika and moul ripened

Cream Cheese

A delicacy to spread on the bread

Exceptional cheeses

Seasonal cheeses


Our family firm was founded in 1985 by Adrián Blasco and Engracia Rey as “Quesería Rey”. They intended to recover preparation of traditional cheeses which were the basis of livestock-farming and gastronomic tradition in Cáceres, which together with the province of Badajoz make up the region of Extremadura, the largest and best preserved autonomous community in Spain, with its unique nature and deep-rooted traditions.


Our cheeses are unmistakable, result of the traditions. In silence, they tell us their story through the language of the senses… flavour, texture, aroma, shape, colour… We christen each one with its own name, which differentiates it from the rest and identifies it with its qualities. Each one with its own elaboration and its own ritual to discover and savour it. An exquisite experience that always becomes as authentic as its origin. A pronounced delight that moves the emotions, bringing out the words that converse with ourselves or that we share in good company.