Torta del Casar DOP Cream crosses borders

In 2020 we launched our Torta del Casar DOP Cream in two formats: 110g and 500g. The commitment to differentiation was very clear, a great quality in its preparation, since its main ingredient is our renowned Torta del Casar PDO GRAN CASAR, and a greater percentage of it, reaching up to 50%, much higher than other options on the market that are around 35%.

That is why we managed to position our cream in the “premium” segment, both in the self-service channel (110g) and in the hospitality channel (500g), and led to the leap from the regional to the national market and later to various countries. from Europe and the United States.

You can check the news that has been published about our cream by clicking on the following image:

And if you still want to try our Torta del Casar PDO GRAN CASAR, you know, click on the following image to access our online store and you will have it at home in 24-48 hours:

Torta del Casar D.O.P. Cream Cheese

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