The future of the Extremaduran cheese factory

Traditionally, livestock farms have been adapting their production to market price trends, so that their production increased when milk prices rose and when the price fell, production fell.

During recent years this situation is changing and the increase in milk prices has not been combined with an increase in milk production on farms. From the end of 2021 to the end of 2023, raw material prices have risen by 30%, and production has suffered a drop of more than 10%.

This situation of instability cannot be transferred to the price market, and has caused uncertainty in the cheese industry, with periods of milk shortages and abusive prices.

The formulas that have been used to solve this situation have been twofold:

  • The negotiation of contracts with raw material suppliers to guarantee a fair price in the medium term, in exchange for guaranteeing milk deliveries and favoring increased production in the coming years.
  • On the other hand, cheese companies must optimize their processes to adapt their products to the new demands of consumers, who are increasingly concerned about quality, food safety, the sustainability of industries, and the consumption of artisanal and kilometer zero products.

Quesos del Casar, faithful to its business philosophy of caring for and guaranteeing the quality of its cheeses, has made the necessary investments to adapt to these new demands, and has signed agreements with its milk suppliers that guarantee the economic and productive stability of Extremadura’s livestock farms. those supplied daily.

The future of the cheese industry in our region depends on these agreements.

We must commit to maintaining Extremadura’s milk production to guarantee a successful future for our industries. This close relationship between producers and manufacturers will be what establishes the appropriate conditions to guarantee the future of both the farms and the Extremaduran cheese factories.

Mario Blasco Rey
Director of Quesos del Casar

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