Villa Noble, Goat Cheese with slices of Pimentón de la Vera

Cheese made with pasteurized goat milk, animal rennet, salt and slices of Pimentón de la Vera, which we add to the mixture. The slices of Pimentón de la Vera are small flakes of the smoked paprika from which the ground paprika is obtained. They add more flavour to the cheese as they enhance its sweet and sour contrast with greater intensity than in the classic version of the same cheese which uses the ground spice.

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Ibores type cheese with pasteurized milk covered with slices of Pimentón de la Vera.
Before consumption, it is recommended that the product should be left to stand for 30 minutes at room temperature.
White, barrel-fermented and red wines from the area.
Pasteurized goat milk, animal rennet, calcium chloride hardener, ferments, salt and paprika slices.
20 days.
Between +6ºC and +8ºC.
Priority consumption date:
180 days after packaging.
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